Business Update

I have been spending a ton of time working for Rahm Designs, LLC – even more than usual. I’ve been playing around with adult sizes, and last week I finished a fun custom order.

I’ve been working hard on SEO, keywords, and advertising for my new Shopify store. The domain now forwards to that store. The domain is my portfolio website. After meeting for a coaching session at the Women’s Business Center, I’ve decided to keep my graphics for clothing and my writing jobs as two separate businesses. I will be returning to the WBC next week to meet with a market research specialist.

I’ve kicked it up a notch. Yesterday I ordered a vinyl cutter and some supplies from My order will be arriving tomorrow. I decided that if I really want to make this a successful business, I would need to invest in a cutter. Vinyl graphics are much more durable and are great for garments for groups and sports teams. Vinyl is not limited to clothing. It can be used for signs and car decals as well.

I am still looking for work. I’m hoping to find a job I can learn from and that allows me time to work on my businesses. I still have quite a bit of time left with my unemployment benefits, so I am taking my time and being picky. I met an old friend about a job last week, and it seems very promising. I think it would work out great, but it’s not a sure thing yet. I have my fingers crossed.

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