March 2020: Point Place Writer’s Group

Drabble: Modicum and Influence

He told his story without even a modicum of emotion. Life had worn him down until he was numb. This support group was just the same as any other. It won’t make one damn bit of difference, but yet something tells him he needs to be there. His eyes seemed to drift off as he once again outlined the low points of his illness. The room was silent as he spoke. However, one young man in the back paid close attention finding relief in a story he could relate to. The speaker did not realize his story’s power and influence. 

Writing Prompt: I’d like to buy a plane ticket to your furthest destination today, you told the airline employee.

I can’t drive anymore. I just get too angry. I don’t want to talk to anyone because I ramble and shake. Going to the grocery store is terrifying. I take my daughter to dance class and swimming lessons out of obligation but do absolutely everything I can to avoid the other parents. I can’t get out of bed in the morning because the thought of work is just too much. I love my family, but sometimes I prefer to be alone.

So I packed a light bag, wrote a quick note to my family, and drove to the airport.

I told the airline employee that I would like to buy a plane ticket to their furthest destination today. Somewhere remote would be perfect. 

I need to escape for a bit. I won’t be gone long; I just need a break.

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