One Rough Week

I apologize for not posting last Tuesday. It’s been a rough week. Both Karly and I have been sick, and I have missed a lot of work. We also have a family member struggling with very serious health issues. Thank you to those that have sent positive thoughts and vibes my family’s way. They are very much appreciated and please keep them coming.

On a positive note, sales have been steady. In the past week we’ve had two international orders, one to Australia and one to the UK, which is always very exciting. I am always very honored when international customers choose to spend their money to purchase from us because the shipping costs just as much as the item they bought.

Although I am writing fewer articles at the moment, I am trying to write on a more regular basis. I keep a small journal in my purse and write at least a little everyday. This coming Wednesday I will be posting to, and I will be writing an article on how stressful life events such as moving, college, and motherhood have affected my mental illness. Stress can play a huge part in mental health issues, and I will share some of the ways I have coped.

Have a great weekend! Here’s to hoping next week runs smoother than this week.

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