Sunset Over Toledo

Three, two, one – liftoff!

I ride a shiny blue rocket high above the Maumee

soaring fast towards the candy apple sunset.

Far below the people sing as they tirelessly work.

Sing a song of prosperity –

a better tomorrow.

I reach down and pluck a person from the grind of life.

I want to share my view of the now dwindling sunset.

Sput, sput, sput – the rocket runs out of fuel.

The worker and I spread our arms wide

and softly float through the cool, misty clouds.

The rocket plummets to the muddy river with a small splash that laps the shores.

We descend quietly and come to rest in the soggy swamp.

A wise frog plops next to us and whispers,

“You will do better in Toledo”,

then leaps into the thin fiery horizon right as the shade of night is pulled shut.




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