The Great Black Swamp

In the 19th Century, early settlers to Northwest Ohio endured a difficult life in a dark, forested swampland. Many suffered from malaria and swamp fever in a region filled with thick mud and swarms of mosquitos. Other regions of Ohio were settled long before this area. The Great Black Swamp, named by the soldiers of 1812, covered Northwest Ohio making travel nearly impossible. It stretched from Lake Erie to Fort Wayne, IN.

It’s hard to imagine these dark, swampy surroundings when Northwest Ohio is now an open patchwork of fertile farmland. Our area has a colorful history and it’s important to remember our hardy ancesters.

Please check out The Great Black Swamp: Historical Tales of 19th-Century Northwest Ohio by Jim Mollenkopf to learn more about our early settlers and the difficult conditions they endured. Our home wouldn’t be what it is today without their struggles and sacrifice.

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