Vinyl, Here I Come!

I am excited yet scared. I have a larger heat press, and I just bought a brand new vinyl cutter. I’m all set for adult sizes, right? Kind of.

The learning curve seems steep. Not only do I need to learn how to use this equipment, I also need to learn how to design for vinyl. Creating graphics for only one, two, or possibly three colors seems daunting.

The vinyl cutter is all set up, ready to go in our office. The software has been installed. Sometimes I just stand in the office staring at the cutter. It looks complicated. I have to admit, I’m intimidated.

However, I am fortunate enough to live within driving distance of the company I bought the cutter from, and later this month they are having a vinyl cutter boot camp. I’m saved! One hands-on, three-hour course for only $20!

This boot camp can’t come soon enough! I want to get over my fears and get to work!

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